Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello World!


My name is Reece, aka Grumpy, Gwump, Monkey-Butt, Monster, or Punkin-Head. I'm 14 weeks old and I live with my momma, Carmen, and her roommate Dennis, and a brother and sister, Yukon and Star.
I've lived here for 4 whole weeks and my mom is just NOW posting. Lazy butt. Anyways, this is me:
I've just escaped from the drowning place. I think they're making fun of me here. I dunno.

This is my super-not-so-secret hiding place. I go here to freak my mom out so she tears the entire house apart looking for me. I think it's funny to watch her running from room to room.

"Reeeeece, where'd you go you little...!"

This is MY teddy bear. The other night he fell off the bed so I started whining. Mom thought I needed to go outside but when we came back inside and she put me back on the bed, I still cried and cried. It was only when she looked on the floor where I was looking that she finally got it. I think she's a little slow on the uptake if ya know what I mean. ;)
*Note my pitiful look. Try to take him away from me and we'll see who looks pitiful then. Ha.

This is my adorable face. I can get whatever I want if I do this. You're powerless right now. Admit it.
I have a feeling this is why they call me Grumpy. It's just bad timing though on the cameras part! I swears!
Mom says I'm starting to look gangly. Whatchu think? That's another word for awesome and tough right? Right??
Anyways, enough for now. Mom says she has to get some work done. More later!